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Brave heART


BraveheART and the Book of Wonder is for students 14 and older. Join us as we create a private art journal or a Book of Wonder, using a wide variety of art journaling techniques.  Art Journaling is an expressive means of chronicling everyday life, exploring deep emotions and thoughts, and expressing the authentic self through written word and art-making. This class will provide an incredible opportunity to allow the day to unfold with intention, quiet the mind, and open the heart as we learn how to: not take things personally, develop awareness in not giving our power away, learn to observe and hone our reactions to stressful situations and to focus on believing in one’s self; all while allowing the unfolding of a personal art journal. This is an ART based class involving the creative expression of life’s daily interactions! 

Notebook and Pen

Instructor: Carrie Morris
Location: Bluedoor Education Center - Auburn, CA

Offerings: Tuesdays at 10am

Cost: $165

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