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Everything Art


Students enrolled in Everything Art will find themselves delving into the world of art history and the art movements. Students will come to understand and apply the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. These concepts are the foundation to understanding and executing all types of visual art. As a project based class, most importantly, students will create masterpieces of their own. From design to execution, students will use a wide variety of mediums to explore techniques and applications. These include but are not limited to: chalk and oil pastels, ceramic clay, plaster, acrylic and watercolor paint. Art is a very personal experience and Discovering Art class builds confidence and courage in a fun and creative setting. Individual artistic expression is always encouraged!

*Course content follows the above guidelines for all grade levels; however, the delivery of the information is geared to be understood and applied within the cognitive, academic, and creative abilities of the separate grade levels. All grades study different material and create different projects. 

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Instructor: Carrie Morris
Location: Bluedoor Education Center - Auburn, CA


3rd-4th grade -10:00 -10:55/Tuesday/Semester long but year long enrollment recommended

5th-6th grade -10:00-10:55/Thursday/Semester long but year long enrollment recommended

Cost: $165

Enroll here!

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