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Art for Art's Sake


All of us us have the power to create; it's an innate ability. Getting out of our own way and letting it flow is one of the keys to being creative. Unrestricted freedom, experienced by creating art can help get out of the linear problem/solution,  most have learned on the journey from child to young adult. As we get older the opportunities to "play" are reduced and even restricted in that we become more and more fearful of being embarrassed and judged. 


We will make art just for the sake of making art; throwing caution to the wind, letting go of control, fear and self judgement. We will use art to remember how to play, to allow ease and passion for the world around us. Let's create art the way we did when we were carefree and young... bring on the stick figures, the doodles, and coloring outside of the lines! This class promises bright colors and big smiles no matter what grade level your student is! 


Instructor: Carrie Morris
Location: Bluedoor Education Center - Auburn, CA

Offerings:10:00-11:00/Thursday/Semester long but year long enrollment recommended

Cost: $165

Enroll here!

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