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Drawing: Anime  & Action


Do you love anime? Do you want to learn how to draw your own characters, or the characters you love? Then sign up for the Action and Anime drawing class! We will be studying different anime art styles, from cute Pokémon to intricate characters. We will also be learning how to shade characters with graphite, and with color!

In this class, you will learn how to: 

  • Draw your own characters in the anime style.

  • Draw characters from your favorite anime tv shows.

  • Learn about shading and contrast.

  • Gain deeper knowledge on the complexity of Japanese Anime.

  • History behind this fascinating art style.

  • And how to use colored pencils.


Instructor: Michaela Guthrie
Location: Bluedoor Education Center - Auburn

Offerings: 1:45- 2:40 / Mondays

Cost: $130

Enroll here!

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